Ten common myths about drug-susceptible TB [ENG]


Dear Editor,
In recent years, many aspects of TB management have dramatically changed due to increasing evidence- based data, new diagnostic tests, new drugs and treatment regimens. However, some clinical practices are not based on scientific evidence. Here, we present common myths about TB diagnosis, treatment and management often encountered in clinical practice. This article is intended to assist healthcare professionals globally with their daily patient care involving those with drug-susceptible TB (DS-TB).

1. Positive tuberculin skin test or interferon-gamma release assay are not meant to be used for TB diagnosis.

Myth: The tuberculin skin test (TST) and interferon- gamma release assays (IGRAs) are useful tools with good performance in diagnosing TB infection. Reality: On the contrary, TST/IGRA are not good indicators of active TB, nor they are able to identify those 5–10% of infected people who will develop the disease during their lifetime. Instead, the diagnosis of active TB should be based on an evaluation of clinical history, radiological findings and bacteriological results rather than on TST/IGRA results.

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